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What we do?


In the process of creating and managing the visual identity of a company, product or service, a dance is set in motion in which the naming, the development of the logo and the graphic design of many elements move in harmony to connect with consumers.

Web & Apps

“If you are not on the Internet, you don’t exist.” We not only design a website and an ecommerce with a unique user experience for you, your products or services, but we also make possible the development of mobile applications with which you can evolve.

Advertising & marketing

Promoting yourself is essential for others to get to know you. With advertising we use media such as campaigns, video editing, posters or banners to spread your message. With marketing we manage the selling of products, involving aspects such as market research, strategies and packaging design.

Social media

They are another gateway for users to reach your brand and visit your website or local store and consume your products or services. It is very important to create interaction and share attractive content, so we help you with the creation of images and video editing. We also train you in social media strategy, which is essential for you to achieve your goals.

Lettering & signage

The values of your brand must be transmitted in your establishment, both in the signage on the facade or shop windows as well as in the signage that marks the spaces for moving around inside.

Training & consultancy

Better understanding of your company’s design, communication and advertising is essential. We help you with training and consultancy to improve your business performance and efficiency.

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“Excellent professionals. My experience was 10 out of 10, they have always been there with new ideas and new ways to attract more customers. In addition to being good professionals they are excellent people, and that is also reflected in their work and in the way they deal with customers”.

Fina García

“I am very happy with the team of Otro Concepto, and especially thousands of thanks to Pilar, Bartolo & Araceli. Very professional, patient, creative. Transparent with budgets and competitive. Otro Concepto did the creation of my business cards, from the logo design to the finishing. I love them. Otro Concepto also did my website and helped me with social media. I am very happy and my website is the way I expected it to be”.

Murielle Coue

Alacarte Travels

“You have helped us a lot and above all, we are learning together along the way. You are very close to us and you are very involved, so let’s go for it!

MªAngeles Lirón Sandoval

Lorca Taller del Tiempo

“I have known the founders of OTROCONCEPTO personally for many years. I have known and followed their trajectory as entrepreneurs, businesswomen and professionals in the graphic design sector. Two years ago I worked with them on my personal brand and website for my own company. If you are looking for another concept, they are the ones. It’s another fresh, innovative and original vision. Happy to meet them”.

Censi Sanchez


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